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A New Dawn for Travelers – THAI.NEWS – Thailand Breaking News

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In the latest turn of events that seems straight out of a modern-day odyssey, Srettha, who effortlessly juggles the roles of a premier and finance minister, has taken the nation by storm with his recent announcement. Setting the stage for an unprecedented transformation, he declared a nationwide airport upgrade plan set to be unveiled next month, promising to elevate the travel experience to stratospheric heights.

But here’s where it gets interesting – Srettha, with a flair for the dramatic, made an unannounced visit to the airport. This wasn’t a mere ceremonial walkthrough; oh no, he was on a mission. Srettha wanted to dive deep into the intricate ballet of airport and immigration processes, witness it firsthand, beyond the dry ink of reports. As he navigated through the choreographed chaos, he saw not problems but gleaming opportunities ripe for the picking, especially in the realm of system integration.

Picture this: a plethora of IT entities, each a maestro of its domain, yet playing in isolation, not a symphony but solos. This, the premier noted, was a missed opportunity for a harmonious masterpiece. But the plot thickens as we delve into the heart of the airport’s labyrinth — from the stability of backup systems to the scarcity of immigration officials and the epic saga of navigating the influx of passionate globetrotters.

Addressing the dragon in the room — immigration system meltdowns during peak travel epochs — Srettha showcased his knightly resolve. With the wisdom of a sage, he proclaimed that no traveller shall endure more than 45 seconds under the watchful eyes of immigration, a stark contrast to the harrowing tales of bottlenecked queues extending beyond a minute per soul.

Armed with the foresight of a visionary, Srettha vowed to vanquish these vexations within the span of a year. “As the tides of tourists return to the vibrant shores of Thailand, matching the golden days pre-Covid, it is of utmost essence that no wanderlust-stricken heart waits longer than 30 minutes to be stamped in or out,” declared Srettha, his words echoing the commitment to streamline the gateway to Thailand’s wonders.

Turning his gaze towards the legion of immigration officials, a realm where scarcity reigned, the PM unfurled plans to forge an alliance with the Office of Civil Service Commission. Together, they would embark on a quest to replenish these crucial ranks in a bid to conquer the long-standing siege of delays.

In the tale of delayed baggage retrieval, a saga familiar to many a weary traveler, Srettha observed the winds of change but vowed to sail further, pledging to scrutinize the sinews of the conveyor belt system itself, ensuring no bag is left behind.

And just when you thought the adventure was drawing to a close, Srettha faced the hydra of departure delays, its heads many — long queues, overstays, and travelers enshrouded in legal mists. His weapon? An integrated IT system, a beacon of hope to navigate this labyrinth, promising to reduce waiting times for baggage to less than 30 minutes and streamline departures to a swift dance less than two hours long.

In the grand tapestry of Thailand’s travel saga, the premier’s vision gleams like a lighthouse, guiding the nation towards an era where the journey begins and ends with smiles, memories are made without delays, and every traveller’s experience is nothing short of legendary.

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