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Choose The Right Accountant For Business In Vietnam

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Foreign direct investment in Vietnam has been increasing rapidly in recent years. However, complex accounting and tax regulations in Vietnam present major compliance challenges for foreign companies. Routine accounting activities become complicated due to strict FDI rules and reporting requirements.

Rather than hiring an in-house team, most prudent FDI companies leverage professional service providers to handle bookkeeping, accounting, and tax compliance. This offers advantages over in-house hires.

A qualified accountant is vital for every company, especially for foreign companies entering Vietnam. Their expertise navigates intricate accounting rules, payroll policies, taxes, reporting requirements, and compliance obligations. A good accountant provides financial management through accurate bookkeeping and financial statements. They ensure compliance by applying their extensive knowledge to avoid errors and penalties. Accountants offer advisory services like tax optimization and data-driven insights for growth decisions. The right accountant is key to confidently navigating regulatory intricacies and focusing on core business growth.

However, among many accounting vendors in Vietnam, you might choose one with poor quality leading to many issues that do not meet your expectations.


Bookkeeping refers to the daily recording of financial transactions, including updating accounts, ensuring debits and credits balance, and producing reports on income, expenses, accounts payable/receivable, and bank reconciliation.

For example, if your company buys some materials from a vendor, pays them, and collects the invoice successfully, the bookkeeper will record this transaction as an expense for your company.

Accounting encompasses higher-level financial activities like preparing financial statements, performing analyses to uncover insights, optimizing tax liability, aiding business decisions, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

For example, generating monthly profit and loss statements or compiling documentation for annual tax filings.

While bookkeeping focuses on foundational data entry and reporting, accounting leverages that output for strategic analysis and oversight. Since they are operations related to taxation and accounting functions, they are usually combo services that will take care of your company’s financial status. However, depending on your situation, you can choose to use both services or one of them with business solution firms.


When working with low-quality accounting agencies in Vietnam, they bring you more trouble than helping manage your financial status or advice to grow your business. The problems when choosing a poor quality accountant are Lack of Financial and Industrial Insight, Non-Compliance with Regulations, Extensive Cost, and Communication Breakdown.

  • Lack of Financial and Industrial Insight: Each business sector operates under distinct accounting regulations and transaction recording methods. Consequently, inexperienced accountants may struggle to provide effective support during operations. Additionally, their unfamiliarity with industry dynamics can result in misguided financial guidance, potentially exacerbating issues for your business.
  • Non-Compliance with Regulations: Tax and accounting procedures in Vietnam evolve swiftly, with new regulations altering recording and reporting approaches. Lack of experience and an outdated system within your agency can lead to compliance gaps, leaving your company vulnerable to scrutiny or inquiries from authorities.
  • Extensive cost: When it comes to managing your business’s financial affairs, the choice of an accounting service provider in Vietnam can have far-reaching implications. While the pitfalls of inaccurate data and missed deadlines are widely recognized, there’s another aspect that often remains hidden—the extensive costs that poor-quality accounting vendors can impose on your company.
  • Communication Breakdown: The complex language of Tax and Accounting can be confusing for those not versed in the field. Difficulties arise, particularly when English skills are lacking, leading to communication barriers and inefficient processes. Translated terms become a hurdle, complicating interactions with agencies. This language gap hampers effectiveness, making collaboration with agencies a daunting task.

As mentioned earlier, using bookkeeping and accounting services in Vietnam can benefit foreign-owned companies, but choosing a qualified agency requires large of research and you can consider choosing the right one for your business based on 4 traits below: The Accountant’s Experience, The Accountant’s Communication Skills, The Regulation Updating System, Ensuring High Confidentiality and Avoiding Mistakes.

  1. The Accountant’s Experience

Opt for partners who boast a wealth of experience across a range of industries. These partners possess adaptable expertise that can be tailored to your specific needs, moving away from a rigid one-size-fits-all approach. Seek out those who have demonstrated success in sectors like manufacturing, retail, technology, agriculture, and services. This breadth of exposure equips them to offer customized solutions that align with the intricacies of your industry, expediting the integration process.

  1. The Accountant’s English and Communication Skills

Given the intricacies of Vietnam’s financial landscape, effective communication is paramount. Look for an accounting service provider in Vietnam who not only possesses fluency in English but also excels in translating complex concepts, regulations, and financial reports into understandable language. Transparent and open communication is essential, and partners who prioritize consultative collaboration ensure that your concerns and strategies are well-addressed.

  1. The Regulation Updating System

In a regulatory environment as fluid as Vietnam’s, adaptability is a defining factor. Seek partners that offer comprehensive training programs to keep their staff up-to-date with impending regulatory shifts. Their streamlined processes should swiftly integrate revisions company-wide, ensuring consistent compliance and preempting penalties that can arise from outdated practices during regulatory transitions.

  1. Ensuring High Confidentiality and Avoiding Mistakes

Handling sensitive financial data necessitates unwavering security protocols to protect your intellectual property and maintain stakeholder trust. Diligent bookkeepers and accountants provide a fine balance between financial transparency and stringent safeguards. Scrutinize their security provisions, including data encryption, access controls, regular audits, and accountability measures. A robust security framework is crucial to prevent data breaches that could tarnish your reputation.

In essence, service providers embodying these four traits offer the expertise needed to adeptly manage the complexities of bookkeeping, accounting, reporting, and compliance within an ever-evolving regulatory landscape. These strategic partners not only alleviate the burden of financial management but also empower you to channel your resources toward propelling your growth within the dynamic market of Vietnam.


In the event that you currently engage with an agency for bookkeeping or accounting services in Vietnam, and are contemplating a shift in service providers for any reason, VNBG extends an exclusive offer. We provide a seamless and complimentary transition process from your existing partner to our services, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free switch.

  1. Free and unlimited consultation.

Making major business decisions often requires expertise and insights that executives don’t have internally. This is especially true when entering new markets like Vietnam. VNBG understands the value of equipping our clients with enough information to make smart, tailored decisions for their unique situations.

We offer free, unlimited consulting sessions for all prospective clients. Our team of experienced consultants will take the time to understand your business, goals, and challenges. We can schedule as many calls and meetings as needed, for as long as you need, at no cost. Our aim is to provide complete information and clarity so you can determine the ideal solutions and services for your Vietnam operations.

With VNBG’s complimentary, unrestricted consultations, you’ll have a trusted partner supporting you every step of the way. As regulations change over time, you’ll have an open line to our experts for ongoing advice as well. We’re committed to setting up foreign companies for success in Vietnam’s unique business landscape.

The consultation process is also a great way to establish rapport with our team. We want you to feel 100% confident in VNBG before engaging us for ongoing bookkeeping, accounting, and other services.

  1. Flexible charging scheme.

At VNBG, we appreciate that each client’s circumstances and requirements are distinctive. Accordingly, we make customizable service packages and fee plans tailored to your firm’s particular needs and constraints available.

Our consultants will collaborate with you to comprehend your present-day priorities and limitations. We will propose optimal accounting solutions and practical fee options aligned with your objectives and situation.

For instance, you may presently only need bookkeeping assistance, without accounting advisory. Or, you may desire to initiate with fundamental services and scale up over time. We can accommodate these scenarios and assist you in avoiding surplus services.

Our fee schedules are adaptable too. You may opt for periodic payments monthly or yearly. We can also invoice as services are rendered based on your utilization each period. If your needs change mid-period, your fees can be adjusted fittingly without penalty.

If you are transitioning from another accounting vendor in Vietnam to VNBG, we offer matching the service fees you previously remitted to them. This means if you were paying $500 per month to your old agency, we would offer the same $500 monthly rate when you switch to using VNBG’s services. Of course, you must provide evidence of your prior service fees so we can offer appropriate pricing. This way, you can transition to VNBG without any budget disruption.

At VNBG, we recognize each client’s circumstances are unique. Our flexible service offerings and fee structures aim to deliver ideal bookkeeping and accounting solutions suiting your current business needs and budget. Inform us of your specific goals and limitations – we will tailor an offering aligned with them.

  1. Ensure a ready-to-go accounting system.

Getting your Vietnam accounting system set up properly from the start is crucial for smooth operations. At VNBG, we make it seamless by handling everything from software installation to system configuration, tax registrations, and more. When you engage us, your bookkeeping and reporting will be ready to run from day one. You’ll be able to generate compliant invoices, record expenses, manage payables/receivables, and access real-time reporting right away.

If you are transitioning from another service provider, we will migrate your existing data and overhaul the system free of charge. Our experts will optimize your configuration for efficiency while ensuring continuity.

  1. English-speaking consultants.

Fluency in English is crucial for clear communication with our clients. That’s why all of VNBG’s consultants are not only experienced professionals but also possess excellent English skills.

From bookkeepers recording transactions to accountants advising on regulations, our team will explain accounting topics and solutions to you in English. We take care to avoid complex technical jargon and translate Vietnam-specific terminology accurately.

With VNBG, the meaning won’t get lost in translation. You’ll receive accounting guidance, analysis, and reporting you can easily interpret and act upon to make informed decisions. No language or cultural barriers will stand in the way of effective collaboration.


When expanding operations to Vietnam, having an expert local partner is key to navigating the complex accounting and regulatory landscape in Vietnam. VNBG has experienced teams, robust systems, and customized services to seamlessly manage your bookkeeping, accounting, reporting, and advisory needs.

Our complimentary consultations provide the insights to create tailored solutions that fit your exact requirements. We implement optimal accounting infrastructure from day one. Our unmatched expertise ensures compliance, confidentiality, and accuracy while you focus on core objectives.

VNBG is proud to be the top-notch business solution provider in Vietnam, we commit to giving you the trusted bookkeeping and accounting partner essential for reducing risk and costs while scaling smoothly in Vietnam. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation. Our experts are ready to guide you into new opportunities in one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant markets.

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