We first visited Entrepôt last month and this time, we headed back to try out their Lunar New Year menu.  From 1 to 29 February 2024, Entrepôt is serving their Harmonious Set (四季平安) at $398++ (serves 4 to 6 persons).  We did not try every dish, but had a peek into the highlight dishes. 

Entrepot cny 2024 menu 01
Every lunar new year meal starts off with an Yusheng and at Entrepôt, they are serving the “Chasing The Dragon” Yusheng to welcome the Year of the Dragon.  It consists chai cured salmon, ikura, candied pecans, popping candy, charcoal oil and a red dragon fruit and plum dressing. 
Entrepot cny 2024 menu 02
The star of the yusheng has to be the chai cured salmon – fastest chopsticks first!  The popping candy in the yusheng was also an interesting addition.  If you’re dining in you can also choose from an alcoholic / non-alcoholic “Chasing the Dragon” drink to pair with the yusheng. 
Entrepot cny 2024 menu 03
Next up, we had the Dr Robertson’s Pencai, which is made up of 5-spiced kaki braised pork belly, napa cabbage, charcoal smoked duck, braised mushrooms, chestnuts, lotus root, tiger prawns, 6-head abalone, mountain yam, fish maw, dried scallop and topped off with shaved black truffle. 
Entrepot cny 2024 menu 04
Given the amount of ingredients, you can expect a richer sauce and it is a dish that would go well with white rice. 
Entrepot cny 2024 menu 05
My favourite course has to be the locally-sourced Golden Snapper with Black Truffle Soy Sauce.  The fish is fresh and tender, with barely any fishiness. 
Entrepot cny 2024 menu 06
The truffle soy sauce and ebi shrimps complemented the fish given their heavier flavour profiles. 
Entrepot cny 2024 menu 07
Carbs came in the form of steamed lotus leaf rice with chinese sausage (lap cheong).  If you recall, Entrepôt has a signature claypot rice.  This time, instead of charred bits of rice, they are serving the lotus leaf rice, an auspicious dish to be eaten at reunion dinners.  There is a sweet scent of the lotus leaves and a generous amount of chinese sausage, chestnuts and mushrooms are sealed within these leaves.

For dessert, we had the elderflower and osmanthus melon sago.  It was refreshing, but nothing particularly outstanding.  

The price point at Entrepôt is reasonable and their “Chasing the Dragon” yusheng and pencai are available for ala-carte and takeaway orders too.  The yusheng is available at $58 (small, 2 – 3 persons) and $88 (medium, 4 – 6 persons) and their pencai is available at $388 (or $428 for takeaway, inclusive of claypot).  Alternatively, their yusheng and pencai set goes for $468 for 6 (or $498 for takeaway with claypot).  It is best to pre-order in advance.  

Budget per person: $80 to 100 per person

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