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How to Install Your Hanging Chair for Optimal Comfort

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Hanging chairs are a welcome addition to any home. These suspended seating units provide the same therapeutic benefits as the more popular hammocks. 

A 2011 study found that hammocks may improve sleep quality by their sheer rocking motion. Since hanging chairs utilize the same swinging mechanism, it’s logical to infer that they equally possess sleep-aiding properties. 

Other noteworthy benefits of hanging chairs include stress relief, improving concentration, and enhancing blood circulation. 

But what makes hanging chairs different from hammocks is that they’re suitable for both indoors and outdoors. You could suspend these pieces of furniture below your bedroom ceiling to create a comfy, relaxing indoor ambiance or install them in your wellness garden to create an ideal therapeutic getaway. 

However, the one major challenge many hanging chair enthusiasts face is knowing how to install these furniture sets. This article will highlight a step-by-step tutorial on installing hanging chairs for maximum safety and comfort.

1. Choose the right chair material

When planning to install a hammock, you’d naturally begin by assembling the requisite accessories like a hammock suspension, netting, and straps. The same principle more or less applies to hanging chairs, except that you’ll need to focus more on the material your chair is constructed from. 

Hanging chairs are made from typical furniture materials, including wood, metal, and rattan. 

Metallic hanging chairs are considerably durable but quite bulky and unideal for the outdoors due to their heat conductivity. Similarly, rattan hanging chairs may add a rustic touch to your home but are prone to damage if neglected. 

2. Pick a suitable chair size

Besides material, it’s also prudent to pay attention to the size of your hanging chair before installing it. 

Pick a chair large enough to accommodate the number of intended simultaneous users. 

A good rule of thumb is to invest in multiple differently-sized chairs. That ensures you have a chair dedicated to your alone times, one that can accommodate you and your significant other and another for everyone else.

3. Understand local regulations

Installing hanging chairs outdoors could be a code or community violation in some jurisdictions. 

It’s best to check with local authorities to ensure you can legally snuggle in these cozy suspensions outdoors. That’s especially true if you opt for a public place. 

Since hanging chairs operate similarly to hammocks, most regulations governing hammock installations outdoors would equally apply to hanging chairs.

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

4. Know the weight limits


It’s not enough to pick a hanging chair designed to seat a specific number of people. You must also consider the chair’s weight limits. 

Pay particular attention to the intended users’ net weight.  Remember that your full weight on a hanging chair is suspended in space without a ground beneath to support it. So, choose a chair with a strong seat, or you’ll soon taste the wrath of gravity. 


Moreover, pick a hanging chair with robust arms, legs, and backrest, as these are typically the parts from which the chair is suspended on the structural support. 


Note that gravitational pull immediately takes effect once a hanging chair is installed. If the suspension points aren’t strong enough, it won’t be long before they give in to the pressure.

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

5. Identify an ideal location.


It’s true that you can install hanging chairs both indoors and outdoors. But that doesn’t make any spot ideal. 

A suitable hanging chair location should blend personal comfort and safety. The chair should also complement the general ambiance. 

To install a hanging chair indoors, identify a strong ceiling beam. Insist on central locations with ample swinging space and minimal foot traffic. This will prevent you from smashing into the wall, people, or furniture while leisurely rocking in the chair. 

Now, proceed as follows;

  1. Find a ceiling joist using a stud finder.
  2. Measure at least 14 inches on each side and at least 3 feet at the back of the identified installation spot.
  3. Drill several screw holes if using a suspension plate or only one hole if using a hook. 
  4. Attach the plate or hook to the drilled holes using screws.
  5. Hang the chair by attaching one end of the rope on the suspension plate or hook and the other on the chair’s arms, feet, and backrest.  


For outdoor installation, look for a clear space with little or no vegetation that you could easily trample on. However, the location should be sheltered from the elements to protect the chair from extreme weather. 

Next, pick a strong, mature tree as the installation spot. 

Do not suspend a hanging chair on young or sensitive plants. Avoid hanging the chair on visibly weak or diseased branches either. 

You also want to avoid potential hazards like poisonous plants and stinging insects. Mounting a hanging chair, say, underneath a beehive is akin to signing your death sentence. 

Experts also discourage installing hanging chairs anywhere within 200 feet of a water source or over a pathway used by people or animals. 

The actual process of mounting a hanging chair is similar indoors and indoors. In each case, ensure the chair is secure by tugging at it before using it.

Photo Credit: Pixabay.com

The Bottom Line


Hanging chairs may provide immense therapeutic and aesthetic benefits. But you can only unlock those perks if you follow the right installation procedure. Don’t hesitate to seek professional assistance if you are unsure where and how to set up a hanging chair on your property.

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