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Must visit cities in England

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A day out in London could be doing anything and it would be a fun experience purely because of the feeling London gives you.

England is one of the most famous areas in the World and it should be a must on your visit list. England is filled with great cities that are all different in their unique ways. You have the big ones like Manchester and London but these two are very different from each other, from the way they speak and the way they act. There is a common theme that Southerners (London and areas near) are rude and Northerners (Manchester, Liverpool etc.) are nice and down to earth. So where should you visit? We will try to help you now.

Manchester is probably the second biggest and second most known city in the UK and for good reason, it is a massive city with lots to do and it is filled with good people. Manchester has a range of fun things to do, whether you want to have a quiet night and do some sightseeing or if you want to party, both are available.

Manchester is known for its football, with two of the biggest football teams in the World playing here, Manchester City and Manchester United. If we were to give you a guide to a Manchester day out we would suggest trying to catch a football game, going to the Trafford Centre for a shopping trip or doing some fun activities and then going for some drinks with the locals.

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Liverpool is also one of the biggest cities on Earth and one of the most popular. It is a very pretty city and has had a lot of attention over the last few years with Eurovision taking place there and also The Batman being filmed there to represent Gotham. This is just the most recent attention they have had. This is ignoring all of the attention the football team has had over the last decade and being regarded as one of the best clubs in the world. Also, Liverpool is the home of arguably the biggest and most influential band in music history, the Beatles.

The perfect Liverpool day out is to visit the iconic Albert Dock, which is the home of ‘The Beatles Story’ as well as other museums, then have a trip on the Mersey Ferry and see some of the great views that Liverpool has to offer, do some shopping on Bold Street and finish off with some food in the city centre. The main downfall of Liverpool is the sheer amount of rain that falls onto the city, if you can get past that then you will like all the weather in England.

London is one of the most iconic Cities in the world, let alone England, we do not have to convince you to visit London because pop culture does it for you. One positive for London is that the weather is significantly nicer than the previously mentioned places. However, London is always very busy, if you have a problem with busy places then none of the places are for you especially not London.

A day out in London could be doing anything and it would be a fun experience purely because of the feeling London gives you.

England is an iconic part of the world and if you have not been, we do recommend going and seeing it for yourself, as near enough every city you go to will be fun and have some culture that you can feel a part of. English people are known for being very polite so you will feel welcome and have a great time!

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