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The Best Matcha Powder, According to a Daily Matcha Drinker

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We also considered a few factors printed on the packaging like ingredients and a best-by date. Park strongly recommends going for a matcha with no added ingredients like sugars or anti-caking agents like starches. As for the date, Mangan says this should be printed on the bottom of the tin or bag, “Matcha is not like wine and after milling does not benefit from age or vintage. Once the leaf is ground, it should be consumed as quickly as possible.” For high-quality brands like Kettl or Ippodo, this can be as soon as within a month of opening.

Finally, we noted the taste and texture. Of course, Park reminds us that the taste of matcha, like coffee, is subjective. Some people prefer a more astringent matcha while others like deep, umami flavor. As for texture, we looked for a smooth mouthfeel without grit and a matcha that dissolves easily into water once sifted and whisked or frothed.

How to store matcha

After buying matcha, Mangan says you should keep the unopened package in the refrigerator and continue to refrigerate after opening. To keep the matcha fresh, store your tin inside a zip-top bag. Many matchas will come in a foil bag packed within a small tin that has a plastic oxygen absorber or lid inside. Don’t throw this out, as it helps keep the matcha safe from air exposure (oxidation can quickly deteriorate the taste and color).

W&P Porter Silicone Reusable Storage Bag

Our favorite matcha powders

Why We Love It: This is the highest grade of matcha produced by Ippodo, a Kyoto-based tea company that has been the gold standard for tea since 1717. Their Ummon matcha boasts a rich umami flavor, is a beautiful emerald green color, and has a bright fragrance.

Because it has a natural sweetness to it, I love this one on its own as a tea with water rather than mixed with milk. It sifts easily and quickly foams when vigorously whisked, producing quite the silky texture without residual clumps.

It’s important to note that this one is freshly packaged in Japan and has a pretty short shelf life—Ippodo recommends that you consume it within a month of opening. We suggest opting for the smaller container (especially since it’s on the pricier side) to make sure you can use it all while at its peak freshness.

Taste: The Ummon has a rich, deep, umami flavor with a hint of sweetness. Even without the addition of milk, it’s creamy and earthy without being bitter.

Origin: Kyoto, Japan

Grade: Ceremonial

Expert Opinion: Park says this is the matcha that her grandmother grew up drinking, so it has to be the good stuff.

Why We Love It: Golde’s organic ceremonial grade matcha powder is a great base for a hot or cold morning latte, and works well with any type of milk. The taste isn’t overpowering, which makes it a very good candidate for adding into breakfast items like yogurt or chia pudding. Plus, the matcha froths well for a smooth drinking experience. Like all of Golde’s superfood products, the matcha comes in a bright green canister that is pretty enough to keep out on your counter.

Taste: This organic matcha is smooth, slightly grassy, and has a hint of natural sweetness. It’s a versatile matcha that’s good for cooking and drinking.

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