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Cappuccino and Ang Ku Kueh at Round Boy Roasters

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Hidden inside an HDB estate in Bukit Merah is Round Boy Roasters, a modern trendy cafe. A few doors away from them is 146 Famous Bukit Merah Ang Ku Kueh, an old shop selling traditional Teochew kuehs. Strange bedfellows it seems, but together they combine to be an interesting coffee and dessert place near SGH. That was how we ended up with cappuccino and ang ku kueh.

Round Boy Roasters at Bukit Merah

Round Boy Roasters at Block 146 Jalan Bukit Merah is quite a large cafe. According to their website: “…we aim to provide coffee lovers with the best-tasting roasted coffee beans in Singapore. The coffee beans that we provide undergo a degassing process after they are freshly roasted to ensure each serving tastes the best when it reaches you. If you love our coffee beans and want to have your daily coffee intake ready in minutes without visiting our bar…”. A subscription service for coffee beans and pick up boxes for online orders are provided.

A large coffee bar dominates the space. Dining in space is quite limited and some outdoor seats are provided.

Quite a bit of coffee making paraphernalia is on hand. We are not sure what they all do but they look impressive.

The Round Boy Roasters menu is a simple and short one. Various types of coffee, a few other drinks and snacks. The bakes were sold out by the time of our visit and we were encouraged to get our bites from the neighbour.

146 Famous Bukit Merah Ang Ku Kueh

According to its Facebook page, their kuehs are handmade fresh daily. The traditional kuehs are said to be made with no preservatives, no additives. Perfect to be eaten fresh, at the cafe two doors away.

There are many flavours of ang ku kueh ($1.40 each), including some that are not that traditional such as durian and coffee. In addition to AKK, they also have soon kueh, koo chai kueh, poon kueh and several others. We bought one ang ku kueh and a box of soon kueh to be eaten with our coffee.

Coffee With Unusual Dessert

This is a picture of our cappuccino and ang ku kueh coffee break. Coffee from Round Boys and the red turtle cake and soon kueh from 146 Famous Bukit Merah Ang Ku Kueh. The coffee is good, as how a specialist roaster / cafe would be expected to be. A few conventional baked goods are listed on the cafe menu such as brownie and apple crumble. But their unavailability that day gave us a chance to try these kuehs from the neighbour which are such a rare find these days. We found the AKKs to be nice but the soon kuehs were even better. Maybe it was because the taste was more suited to our taste buds, The red ang ku kuehs were rather sweet but the fillings of the soon kueh were subtle and well balanced.

Round Boy Roasters
146 Jalan Bukit Merah, #01 1092 Block 146, Singapore 160146

Monday – Closed for roasting and maintenance
Tuesday to Friday – 8 am to 3 pm
Saturday to Sunday – 8.30 am to 4.30 pm

Round Boy Roasters Website

146 Famous Bukit Merah Ang Ku Kueh
Block 146 Jalan Bukit Merah #01-1086, Singapore
Open :7 am to 7 pm

146 Ang Ku Kueh Facebook

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