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Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Recipe | Epicurious

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With two layers of fluffy sponge and swooshes of fudgy frosting, this picture-perfect gluten-free chocolate cake recipe looks almost too good to be true. But this layer cake? She delivers. Her trick? Skip the store-bought all-purpose flour alternative and make your own gluten-free flour blend using nutty oat flour (which is naturally high in protein, providing structure), starchy sweet rice flour (to keep the crumb tender), and xanthan gum (to hold it all together).

While you could make oat flour by blitzing rolled oats in your food processor, we found commercial oat flours work best here (we like Bob’s Red Mill). Factory-milled flours tend to have a finer texture than their homemade counterparts, allowing them to absorb moisture more evenly, translating to a softer, fluffier cake.

To develop rich chocolate flavor and color, you’ll bloom unsweetened cocoa powder (Dutch-process, please) in hot water. Meanwhile, tangy buttermilk (or a baker-approved buttermilk substitute) brings out the chocolate’s bright, fruity notes. As for the pudding-like chocolate frosting, its texture lies somewhere in the Venn diagram of whipped cream, buttercream, and chocolate ganache. It’s also virtually indestructible; any problem you may encounter is fixable. Too soft? Chill it. Too firm? Let it sit at room temperature for a while longer. Looking split? Warm it gently until it smooths out.

For the best presentation, baking these in 8″ round cake pans is imperative. Use 9″ pans instead and the cake layers will be too thin and anemic-looking. And when you’re making a birthday cake (or any occasion cake) for someone who’s had their fair share of celiac-conscious catastrophes, you want to get everything just right. Good thing you stopped here.

Looking for a dense, brownie-like, flourless chocolate cake? We’ve got you. And head this way for more of our best gluten-free desserts and other baked goods

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